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Laura Patterson
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Love is multi-dimensional and 3D is so very of the moment. Why not add dimension to the accessory style statement? Embracing the allure and mystery that defines a bride, this theme will keep you guessing... whatever is that made of? Intricate fusions of media and varied techniques from embroidery to jewelry making blend with a nod to trompe l-oeil artwork to create unique yet timeless pieces with a one-of-a-kind feel.


Layering and use of mixed media subtly blurs the clean lines and geometric shapes which are the foundation of this theme. Designed for the thoroughly modern bride whose eye favours a clean, linear aesthetic, pieces are at once bold and soft, strong and feminine, dramatic and under-stated. Juxtaposition and a sense of playfulness declare that a classic statement can carry a great punch line.


Centred on botanical, organic themes with a hint of Greco-Roman, this collection is all romance and a dash of bohemian flare. Inspired by the modern goddess, designs are versatile and flexible, and may be mixed and matched to tell each bride’s style story. Vines work equally well entwined in boho curls or neatly tucked around a chignon accented by a fascinator... what fun!

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